Mediation Services

Construction Defects, Professional Malpractice and Personal Injury

Robert Hamilton is an effective mediator who listens to all parties, reconciles their differences, and leads parties towards settlement. When the mediation is completed, all participants depart knowing that their dispute was handled with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

Having successfully mediated hundreds of cases involving dental malpractice, construction defect and personal injury matters, Mr. Hamilton is capable to mediate your dispute. He knows how to efficiently resolve differences.

More than a slogan, Negotiation, Reconciliation and Resolution is a successful procedure.

Mediation works because all parties come together to negotiate their dispute with a neutral mediator who thoroughly understands the issues, using a level playing field to find common sense solutions. Employing creativity, experience and perspective, Mr. Hamilton insures that all relevant issues are fully discussed to attain the parties stated goals.

Because disputes can sometimes become bogged down in arguments about details, Mr. Hamilton identifies the controlling issues and guides the parties on a neutral path towards reconciliation. He helps the parties recognize and analyze their potential risks and rewards from continued conflict, while assisting them in developing broader perspectives that often lead to acceptable settlement agreements.

The most important goal to any mediation is achieving amenable resolution of the dispute at hand. Mr. Hamilton does everything necessary to create an atmosphere where satisfactory resolution is his main objective. Whether the mediation takes one day, one week or longer, the goal is always the same-come to an agreeable resolution to the satisfaction of all parties.

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